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In this issue of VQ Newsletter you can read about topics like Stockholm Legal Business Summit on key developments in the legal market, report from the world's largest legal technology conference ILTA Las Vegas with the latest issues involving trends, KM and new technology developments for the legal market, VQ at the podium with information on our recent and upcoming appearances and articles about VQ during spring and summer.

Stockholm Legal Business Summit - 13-14 November in Stockholm

VQ Forum is our annual conference, which has grown for each year and now has become the legal event of the year in Scandinavia focusing on leadership, strategy, innovation and technology trends for the legal market. This year we combine VQ Forum with the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC) into one joint legal strategy happening - the Stockholm Legal Business Summit.

Stockholm Legal Business Summit 2013

The Summit consists of two programs. Delegates are welcome to register for either day or both days jointly.

The first day - VQ Knowledge and Strategy Forum - will have a strong focus on innovation in practice and how to go from strategy to a practical reality in the changing legal landscape.

The second day  - Commercial Objectives in International Dispute Resolution - will be entirely devoted to the commercial angle of dispute resolution, with a particular focus on mediation and its role in the changing landscape of legal services.

You are also most welcome to contact us directly at info@vqab.se.

Articles about or by VQ during spring and summer 2013

Future of legal services and the development of legal KM - VoxPopuLII, 30 August 2013

This guest blog for Cornell University Law School discusses the future of legal service, with a specific focus on how the current changes on the legal market demand a more strategic approach to knowledge management and efficient working processes and how technology is becoming more and more important as a way to develop new innovative ways to deliver legal services. Read more »

Competition: Law as an App - blawblaw, 11 March 2013

For the first time this year, the Master Programme of Law & IT at Stockholm University concluded the course with a practical assignement - the "Law as an app-competition". VQ was part of the panel of judges for this inspiring and innovative new legal competition. Read more »

More articles in Swedish

VQ at the Podium

During spring VQ was invited to speak at a number of events, including the annual Swedish in-house counsel conference Bolagsjuristen, and was nominated as one of the lecturers at the Stockholm University Master of Laws and Information Technology Programme on the Future of Legal Services.

Furthermore, VQ was one of the speakers at Practical Law Knowledge Management Forum in April, a conference covering different aspects of the three main themes technology, enhancing client value and maximising efficiency. VQ founder Helena Hallgarn shared her insights on how to develop innovative and efficient service delivery by the use of technology, for example by automating routine legal work and by repackaging knowledge management for clients by the use of a document assembly tool. She also showed a practical example of a document automation solution by the online service VQ Legal developed by VQ. Read the complete report from the conference here »

ILTA 2013 - Report from the largest legal tech conference in the world

Last week VQ founder Ann Björk attended the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA)'s Annual Education Conference. This four-day mega event in Las Vegas gathered over 3,000 attendees interested in the future of legal service and topics under the theme "catalyst" as in change and actions to change. Below are four reports summarising different aspects from the event.

Technology Darwinism

The key note session "Technology, Trends and the Catalytic Impacts on Law Firms" with Scott Klososky was a true eye-opener for many of the attendees, inventing the (rather harsh) notions of Technology Darwinism, Technology Inflection Points and Dead Leaders Walking, which occurs when the pace of technology innovation is faster than the speed people adapt to new tools and methods, creating a technology risk gap. Every industry has a Technology Inflection Point where the technology so dramatically changes the industry that there are winners and losers. Winners thrive and prosper whereas losers enter into the "death spiral". Scott Klososky pointed to the importance of leadership for organisations to survive the Technology Darwinism. Surviving law firms also need to develop aTechnology Mastery, which Scott Klososky described as the development of a personal, or collective, ability to apply technology to make the firm world class. "It's a Knowledge Economy and only the smart people win... Make sure that your law firm adapts to the changes and becomes a winner when the Technology Inflection Point hits." Read the complete report »

Emerging Business and Technology Opportunities

Rohit Talwar presented the interesting research findings so far in ILTA's Legal Technology Future Horizons Project, a thought leadership study on the future of technology for legal, designed to examine how emerging technologies could impact the design and delivery of legal services over the next 10-15 years. Rohit Talwar also presented the technology opportunities and case examples emerging from the study as well as key themes emerging around the role of technology in legal organizations and the resulting implications for how law firms need to evolve the management of the IT function to address an ever-quickening pace of technological change. Read the complete report »

KM as Business Support

During ILTA VQ particularly followed the Knowledge Management (KM) focus area sessions. From these sessions it was evident that there is a current trend from KM in the traditional sense to KM as a business development driver and support. KM in law firms is a discipline at the intersection of substantive legal work, information management, technology and the business of law. As such, KM professionals have the ability to identify and provide business process and technology solutions to improve the business and increase profitability. Another trend is the increasing use of document assembly solutions, and not only for strictly legal tasks, but also for other more administrative tasks within law firms and for the creation of innovative online client solutions. A third trend is the importance of a user experience focus in the implementation of KM systems and all other business support tools. The consumerization trend has significantly increased the expectations from employees on the work tools. Read the complete report »

Legal Innovation

The Innovative Law Firm of the Year and the Innovative Law Department of the Year Award Nominees presented their innovations as inspiring case studies at ILTA. For example, Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz presented its Client First approach, with inter alia the new online collaboration initiative BakerConnect. This onlice client service gives the client direct access to key firm data, tools and systems. The firm has also created a new LPM tool called Budget Designer, which streamlines the creation of budgets for transactions and litigation. Many other inspiring legal innovation case studies were also presented or mentioned as good examples, like Latham & Watkins Book of Jargon, Bryan Cave's process for innovation, Morrison & Foerster's courtroom dashboard and many more. Read the complete report »

VQ Legal Innovation Blog posts

Our Legal Innovation Blog is dedicated to discussing the latest issues involving knowledge management, business development and new technology for the legal profession. All our blog posts are available here, but here are some of the posts during spring and summer that we would like to highlight:

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