VQ Newsletter August 2011


As a wonderful summer is coming to an end we are now looking forward to an exciting and inspiring autumn. In this issue of VQ Newsletter you can read about some of things we are up to like VQ Knowledge and Strategy Forum - with Professor Richard Susskind as key note speaker, VQ Legal – our knowledge management service for corporate matters expands with labor law, VQ articles during spring and summer and Legal Innovation Blog – latest issues involving trends, KM and new technology developments for the legal market.

VQ Knowledge and Strategy Forum 4 October in Stockholm

VQ Forum is a conference focusing on legal innovation and the changing legal landscape with influential speakers likeRichard Susskind and Chris Bull.

Professor Susskind is an independent adviser, a frequent speaker on the future of the legal profession and the author of numerous books, most recently "The Future of Law" and "The End of Lawyers?". Professor Susskind will be joined at the conference by a distinguished panel of speakers, including the strategic adviser at Edge and former chief executive of Osborne Clarke Chris Bull, the Secretary General of the Swedish Bar Association Anne Ramberg, the executive partners of Scandinavian law firms Joakim Edoff and Stefan Erhag and the legal IT consultant and founder of Legal IT ProfessionalsRob Ameerun.

For further information about the forum and the speakers, please see the Programme, the Speaker Presentation or the event webpage. You are also most welcome to contact us directly at info@vqab.se.

Continued development of VQ Legal

Our intelligent legal solution with readymade standard documents for corporate registration matters has been successfully launched, with Swedish customers such as law firms Delphi, Linklaters, Bird & Bird, DLA Nordic, Magnusson, Törngren Magnell and other. The service is now extended to labor law documents in cooperation with Swedish niche-firm Elmzell.

The difference between VQ Legal and other template document providers is the intelligent assembly of the document and the creation of multiple documents with information entered once by the lawyers prefilled into all the documents. You can find more information about VQ Legal in this analysis by Outsell on how VQ Legal follows the international trends - "Legal Knowledge Engineering Comes to Sweden".

Articles by or about VQ during spring and summer

The Digital Associate, International In-house Counsel Journal, July 2011 - article written by VQ about changing prerequisites for the legal profession and how the technological developments will provide new groundbreaking opportunities to make efficient use of computers in legal work.

VQ Legal - Legal Knowledge Engineering Comes to Sweden, Outsell Insights, 5 July 2011 - analysis of the knowledge management service VQ Legal and how it follows the international trends.

Legal Innovation in Stockholm, SCC News 22 juli 2011 - article about VQ Knowledge and Strategy Forum with comments by SCC Secretary General Annette Magnusson.

VQ Legal Innovation Blog posts

Our Legal Innovation Blog is dedicated to discussing the latest issues involving knowledge management, business development and new and exciting technology developments of interest for the legal market. All our blog posts are available here, but here are some of the posts during spring and summer that we would like to highlight:

Law firms replaced by online services?

Post on the recent news that Google Ventures partners with Rocket Lawyer and the trend with internet based legal service providers gaining ground, via Jerome Kowalski. Some other articles on this topic that we would like to recommend are The Economist article "Alternative law firms: Bargain brief - technology offers 50 ways to leave your lawyer""Here come the disruptors" by Jordan Furlong and "Google take aim at lawyers", by Deborah L. Jacobs.

Legal outsourcing business objectives

Based on Chris Bull's insightful article "Considering Outsourcing; But Do You Really Know Why?" with an analysis of the business objectives for outsourcing, which many law firms seem to forget in the rush to jump on the outsourcing trend.

Research shows cut costs by 25 per cent for law firms using KM

Post about a recent research conducted by OMC Partners and commissioned by Practical Law Company (PLC), where it has been revealed that "a law firm's approach to knowledge management has a significant impact on the overall cost of matter delivery". A report on the research "The knowledge imperative" has been published by PLC. The research has also been analyzed by Charles Christian in the Orange Rag article "Research suggest law firm use of knowledge management can cut costs by 25%".

Permanent associates as a mission-critical approach

About the new trend "permanent associates", that in fact may not really be a new trend at all, as Jordan Furlong has analyzed in his article "The Two-Tiered Associate Myth". In another article, "Not on the Partner Track - and Maybe That's Okay" by David Lat, the news has also been analyzed with pros and cons for the associates, but also the clear benefit for clients.

Matter of Law Firm Size

Post where the question if law firm size matters when it comes to technology solutions and knowledge management benefits is analyzed from different starting points on basis of the two articles "Google Apps and the Collaborative Cloud - Does Law Firm Size Matter?" by Eric Hunter and "Small Firms and Solos Can Best Leverage Their Work With KM" Bryan Redding.

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