VQ Docs

VQ Legal is based on a technical platform with a document assembly system developed by VQ, called VQ Docs. Please find below a more detailed description of this technical solution. For general information about the online legal templates service VQ Legal and how it could be used in your business, please see VQ Legal or contact us directly.

Document assembly system

Using a document assembly system is the most intelligent way to produce legal documents. VQ Docs is a document assembly solution designed to address complex documents and the ability to create multiple documents simultaneously with information entered just once.

By using VQ Legal legal advisers can get the benefit of the legal expertise embodied in both the words of the documents as well as the logic that drives the document assembly system. It provides the ability to select a legal matter, answer a series of questions, and produce complete, ready-to-use documents in an extremely efficient way. It enables templates of any complexity to be automated more easily and quickly, reducing the time it takes to generate the first draft of a document, yet at the same time providing quality control and consistency.

Web based questionnaire

VQ Legal provides an interactive creation of the documents using answers gathered through the completion of an online questionnaire.

Users are guided through an intuitive questionnaire or interview in their web browser, with contextual notes and help added to the questions. At the end of the interview session a summary of all questions and answers is available for control by the user and the possibility to make amendments.

The application gathers the data needed to generate completely tailored documents through the dynamic questionnaire, which with intelligent logic only displays relevant questions. The system can produce multiple documents for a matter (sometimes a matter can require around 15-20 different documents) through merely one interaction by the user,  automatically tailoring and pre-filling all documents with the information entered into the questionnaire once.

Word documents

The solution generates native Microsoft Word documents, which can be saved and edited the same way as any other Word-documents. The documents collected via VQ Legal can be checked into any existing document management system simplyby  using Microsoft Word saving functions. For those customers who require server-side integration with automatic profiling VQ Docs can provide an API (Application Programming Interface) to support such integration.

By adding a specific Word plugin, any current company-specific styles can be extracted from the existing Word templates and added to the system to deliver a consistent look and feel to the documents created via VQ Legal.

Technology standards

VQ Docs is built on modern SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) principles and methodologies for designing and developing software. The platform is an SQL database with a series of open web service APIs (Application Programming Interface). All components are open standards and the system is built with the purpose of providing easy extending and scalable possibilities in a flexible, modular fashion.

The system is platform and browser independent. The online service can be integrated and accessed from any web based platform and the questionnaire works through most mainstream web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla and Safari. Furthermore, the service does not require any special software or plugins to be downloaded to the user's computers.

Cloud based

VQ Legal is a cloud-based document assembly service allowing you to access the template and produce your legal documents from anywhere, anytime.

All parts of the online service solution is contained on a secure server, with all traffic between the browser and the server being encrypted. No communication is made in an insecure way, only thorugh the encrypted server communication. Each user receive a personal highly secure login to reach a separate personal area of the server. This means that only the user can access the created documents and the answered questionnaires.

Customization and integration

The solution can be integrated and accessed directly from a law firm or legal department's internal systems with an added automated login possibility based on a direct connection to the company's AD (Active Directory) and a security token based on open standards for single-sign-on solutions.

VQ Legal also includes the ability to customize the look and feel of the application with custom logos and custom color schemes. Furthermore, by adding a specific Word plugin, the documents produced via at the system can  be edited to have the same look and feel as documents produced internally.

Intelligent legal document production

Technological advancements coupled with financial woes during the past years have led to increased market demands for predictability, fixed prices and more cost-efficient legal services, as well as a new kind of competition from new market players like online legal services taking an automation approach to legal tasks to make them less expensive.

Over the next few years, lawyers who embrace and utilize technology effectively will have a distinct advantage over colleagues who turn a blind eye to emerging technologies.

Even though the practice of law as such cannot be fully automated, some parts of a legal business can be standardized, in order to become more efficient and quality assured. This is true of many different areas in legal practice especially document production. The next step in intelligent legal document production is the automation with pre-crafted legal document assembly systems.

To provide legal advisors access to such advanced automation tools and support them instreamling their work to meet the market demands for predictability, fixed prices and competition from new players, VQ has developed a new online legal templates service forlabour law and corporate registration matters called VQ Legal.