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Some parts of a legal business can be standardized, in order to become more efficient and quality assured. This is true of many different areas in legal practice especially document production. The next step in intelligent legal document production is the automation with pre-crafted legal document assembly systems.

To provide legal advisors access to such advanced automation tools and support them in streamling their work to meet the market demands for predictability, fixed prices and competition from new players, VQ has developed a new online legal templates service called VQ Legal.

VQ Legal is an intelligent and efficient solution for creating all relevant documents for a specific legal matter, with a content that is updated and quality assured by legal experts.

The difference between VQ Legal and other template document providers is the intelligent assembly of the document and the ability to create multiple documents with information entered just once by the lawyers. The solution can be integrated and accessed directly from a law firm or legal department's internal systems and the documents can also be edited to have the same look and feel as documents produced internally.

VQ Legal is based on a technical platform with a document assembly system developed by VQ, called VQ Docs. By using this solution legal advisors can get the benefit of the legal expertise embodied in both the words of the documents as well as the logic that drives the document assembly system. VQ Legal provides the ability to select a legal matter, answer a series of questions, and produce complete, ready-to-use documents in a small fraction of the time normally spent on producing the first document drafts. More information about the technical solution »

Would you like to know more about VQ Legal? You are most welcome to contact us by email to support@vqlegal.se or to contact us at VQ directly.

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