VQ lectures at Stockholm University Master Programme – 7 March 2012


VQ’s Helena Hallgarn has been nominated as one of the lecturers at the Stockholm University Master of Laws and Information Technology Programme. VQ will participate in the Future Development-block with the topic “Future of Legal Services”.

Sweden has long been recognized as one of the most advanced countries in terms of use of information communication technology. From a historical point of view this is due to the existence of a relatively large public sector industry with a long tradition of investment in research and development, especially in the telecommunications sector. Sweden must be recognized as one of the world's most advanced countries, not only in terms of number of computers and mobile phones, access to broadband and the Internet, etc, but also when it comes to efficiently utilizing the potentialities that this development brings about.

The fast progress in this area is also reflected in the legal understanding of the issues relating to the introduction of the technology. At Stockholm University the Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute, IRI, was established in 1968 making it one of the oldest institutes in the field in the world. The Master Programme in Law and Information Technology has been offered since 1999. A considerable amount of experience in teaching has evolved over these years and the programme has been able to profit from the activities of IRI and the experiences gathered from similar courses taught since the late 1960's.

The Institute comprises internationally renowned scholars in the fields of law and information technology as well as legal informatics. It goes without say that, since Sweden is one of the most advanced countries in terms of use of information communication technology, the country also has many top notch practioners in the field. A number of practioners from law firms and governmental authorities are guest lecturers in the programme, like for example Virtual Intelligence VQ. This provides an invaluable compliment to the theoretical background students are exposed to and also give the students an insight into up-to-date issues.

For more information about the Master Programmes at Stockholm University, please see the Master's Degree programme catalogue for Stockholm University.

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