Strategic issues for in-house counsel at VQ Forum - IICJ News 12 June 2012


International In-house Counsel Journal is a media partner to VQ Knowledge and Strategy Forum, a truly inspirational event focusing on the changing legal marketplace and how in-house counsel demands are changing the dynamics of legal service.

International In-house Counsel Journal has the great pleasure to invite you to join us at the VQ Knowledge and Strategy Forum in Stockholm this November. The forum is a truly inspirational event focusing on the specialized practice needs of in-house counsel and legal market trends. Delegates will be able to analyze today's changing legal marketplace, how in-house counsel demands are changing the dynamics of legal service, how to leverage internal knowledge within legal departments and what strategies and new technologies to use to meet the "more for less-challenge" with increasing demands due to globalization and new complex legislation, while at the same time pressure is mounting from the business to cut costs.

Registration for the forum is now open, with a special half-price fee for in-house counsel. Additionally, VQ is offering a 20% discount on registrations made prior to 15 June 2012.

Key note speaker is Susan Hackett, who served for 22 years as the Senior Vice President and General Counsel at the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), where she earned a reputation for innovation, excellence and success in serving the specialized practice needs of in-house counsel, and the law firms and legal services with whom they collaborate. At VQ Forum Susan will bring her decades of unparalleled access to, knowledge of, and experience in driving leading practices in order to share how newly emerging practices promise to turn the future delivery of corporate legal services "inside out".

Learn also how the "more for less-challenge" is handled in practice from different aspects. General counsel and former law firm managing partner Carl Östringwill provide his insights on the changing roles for in-house counsels and the new demands for more efficient legal services from both aspects as a client and as a legal service provider. Eric Hunter, the award-winning Director of Knowledge, Innovation & Technology Strategies at Bradford & Barthel, will share how he in practice supports his firm to leverage innovation solutions to enhance client service interaction while driving business optimization solutions by the integration of a Google-driven social media knowledge and collaboration environment. A solution that could also be used internally within legal departments. The highly respected strategy consultant Chris Bull will provide his insights on the UK legal market developments following the new regulatory changes and the rise of new players offering more innovative and efficient legal services. Charles Christian, CEO and Editor-In-Chief of Legal Technology Insider will share his insights from over 30 years of reporting and advising on developments in legal technology on how new online legal services are arising and how to utilize new technologies to improve service delivery.

The conference will be chaired by Annette Magnusson, Secretary General of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

International In-house Counsel Journal is a media partner to VQ Knowledge and Strategy Forum and each delegate will receive a copy of the 2012 International In-house Counsel Nordic Edition, containing papers written by leading in-house counsel from across the Nordic region.

Please find more information about the forum at the IICJ event page and at the VQ Forum event page.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Date: 14 November 2012

Registration: Register by email to Do not miss the extra 20% discount prior to 15 June 2012 (in addition to the special half-price fee for in-house counsel).


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