Law as an app competition - Stockholm University, 13 March 2013


For the first time, the Master Programme of Law & IT at Stockholm University will conclude the course with a practical assignement - the "Law as an app-competition". VQ is part of the panel of judges for this inspiring and innovative new legal competition.

Within the course of the Master Programme of Law & IT at Stockholm University, the students discuss different technical applications that affect law and/or lawyers, e.g. legal information retrieval, legal automation, information security, social media and risk analysis. For the first time this year, the course will be concluded with a practical assignment - the competition Law as an app.

The idea is that the students shall come up with an idea for a legal app. In other words, they are expected to suggest a legal service, which can be of use for individuals, companies and/or lawyers. The students work in groups and are allowed to freely choose subject and jurisdiction.

The aim of the assignment is for the students to examine ways to translate law into workable portions, consider law as code rather than text, and reflect upon how others access or view law. The assignment was inspired by the Iron Tech competition, Georgetown Law.

The panel of judges consists of Helena Hallgarn and Ann Björk, Virtual Intelligence VQ, and Johan Kahn, Delphi Law Firm.

Read more about the competition here: "Competition: Law as an App"

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