Back to the Future at VQ Forum, 21 October 2015


This year VQ Knowledge and Strategy Forum takes place on the exact same day – the Back to the Future Day – that Marty McFly Jr and Doc Brown lands in the future in the famous 1980s Back to the Future movie trilogy (Part II).

The 2015 they encountered was dominated by skyways as flying cars had become so common that drivers no longer needed roads, except perhaps for short journeys. Life was lived at a quicker pace than before, in evidence by the speed that people walked down the street, the time it took to cook dinner, and the swiftness of court trials.

For us legal professionals it is interesting how many references that are made to lawyers and the justice system in the movie. For example about how swiftly the justice systems worked after lawyers were abolished, speeding up the process of the court coming to a decision. When Martin McFly Jr. was arrested in the movie, he was tried in a data-court within a period of two hours. Apparently, already in the 1980s there was an unmet need for change in the legal industry. But how many of the predictions in the movie has been accurate or are still to be seen?

At VQ Forum, we will discuss the changing legal marketplace, what the future has in store, which of the predictions from the movie that have relevance as well as what we can expect for the legal profession in the coming 30 years, should there ever be a fourth sequel to the movies.

We will also host a special Back to the Future Cocktail at the end of the conference. Although we cannot promise any hoverboards or time-machine cars, we can promise a great 1980s themed closure of the day with pleasant networking opportunities.

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