IT solutions

We believe in implementing excellent IT solutions, enabling businesses to transform knowledge and expertise into a key differentiator and providing a strong leverage and innovation driver. By using IT in the right way the possibilities to find relevant information will be substantially improved and the internal knowledge sharing will be leveraged since previous lessons learned, best practices and new ways of solving problems can be better shared and taken advantage of by all lawyers. Thereby substantial efficiency improvements and increased profitability can be reached.

When implementing IT solutions as business support tools, it is not possible to develop one single technical solution that covers all requirements for the entire firm. Besides the technical solution all business support tools consist of a combination of procedures, structure, IT solution and sometimes even a change management process. Thus, it will become important to review the entire business and find several different approaches to support it, by developing applicable solutions for standardization, knowledge sharing and innovation.

For the standardization approach tools can consist of document management support, templates and model documents, automated processes and document assembly solutions. For the knowledge sharing approach, the aim is to leverage the experience within the firm and to facilitate information procurement on transactions, current awareness, practice guides, example documents etc. Tools to support this approach are for example deal databases, business intelligence services and collaboration platforms. As regards the innovation approach the focus is on expertise and collaboration. From a KM perspective the goal is to combine knowledge sharing with business development by creating solutions that support the sharing of new business ideas, finding new ways of solving problems and new ways of providing legal services.

However, there is often an underestimation of the kind of competence and skills required to understand and implement an IT solution in a way that really enables a law practice to benefit and leverage the practice and knowledge resources.

In all projects involving IT, there is always the risk of focusing too much on the techniques and the systems themselves and not on the processes they shall support, or the user experience, leading to mistakes in the implementation and lessened business usability. Any project focusing on business processes and business development should be managed by someone with an in-depth understanding of the business, since the key to a successful development is that the business support tool fits the culture of the law firm and the way the lawyers work. Preferably, all business solutions shall be easily accessible and with a self-service focus, making the user experience so intuitive that no training is required.

An example where a specific competence to combine legal knowledge with IT skills is required is the implementation of document assembly tools, which we believe to be a perfect tool for ensuring efficiency, quality and retained profit margins, if implemented by the right people to get the right business focus.  When implementing a document assembly tool, the legal documents has to be converted and connected in the right way to get the really efficient use of the tool. This is not possible for someone from the IT department without the legal knowledge and could also be difficult for a lawyer who does not really understand the complexity and the possibility of the tool. To support legal advisors streamlining their work with such an advanced document assembly solution, without the difficulties with a complex implementation project, VQ has developed a new online legal templates service called VQ Legal.

VQ Legal is based on a technical platform with a document assembly system developed by VQ, called VQ Docs. VQ Legal provides a new intelligent and efficient online service for creating all relevant documents for a specific matter with a content that is updated and quality assured by legal experts. By using this solution legal advisors can get the benefit of the legal expertise embodied in both the words of the documents as well as the logic that drives the document assembly system. VQ Legal provides the ability to select a legal matter, answer a series of questions, and produce complete, ready-to-use documents in a small fraction of the time normally spent on producing the first document drafts. Please find more information about the technical solution for VQ Legal here.

We also assists companies and law firms to implement their own intelligent document assembly solutions including traditional Word based assembly and the latest tools that bring together web based document assembly and cloud based computing. Lawyers make use of these tools by accessing a web interface and answering relevant questions, receiving accurate and quality assured documents that merge clauses and content in a timely way.

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