Helena Hallgarn

Helena Hallgarn holds a LL M and B Sc in Business Administration (Sw. jur kand, civ ek). Helena joined the law firm Vinge as their first Head of Knowledge Management in 2002. Prior to that, Helena spent two years at the law firm Gernandt & Danielsson (G&D) as their first Knowledge Manager. Before joining G&D Helena practiced law for some years at the law firm Mannheimer Swartling and also joined their newly founded Knowledge Management Group for a couple of years.

In 2010 Helena left Vinge to found VQ together with Ann Björk. Helena is one of the most experienced knowledge management professional in Scandinavia with over 14 years experience from knowledge management and over 18 years experience from legal practice. Helena is also well known for her strategic skills and management capabilities.

At Vinge, Helena was responsible for the development and implementation of the firm's KM strategy and managing KM processes. During her time at Vinge, Helena developed a very successful KM strategy, with a small central KM team responsible for the framework, processes and tools.  Fee earners were encouraged to participate and to be responsible for the actual knowledge.  The strategy was to make KM work an integral part of the business, as a reflection of the view that the whole business of a law firm is a knowledge business and all fee earners are their knowledge workers. She was responsible for the successful development and implementation of several KM tools supporting the business, which were integrated within the firm and applied in a natural way for the fee earners and in a way that managed the exchange of knowledge and supported innovation.

As part of Helena's ongoing efforts to strategically develop KM and drive innovation, she is also the owner of the LinkedIn-discussion group Legal Innovation.

You can also find more information and get in contact with Helena here:

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