Ann Björk

Ann Björk holds a LL M in Business Law (Sw. jur kand). After doing service at Swedish courts, Ann practiced law for over three years as an associate at Vinge, focusing mainly on mergers and acquisitions and corporate law. In 2003, Ann joined Vinge's newly started Knowledge Management Department as one of the firm's first KM Lawyers. In 2007, Ann was appointed Deputy Head of the KM Department, a position she held until she left Vinge in 2010 to found VQ together with Helena Hallgarn.

Thus, Ann has more than 9 years experience in knowledge management and 12 years experience in legal practice. During these years Ann has achieved extensive project management skills and experience, developing successful knowledge projects based on an in-depth organizational and business understanding. Whilst at Vinge, Ann developed an awareness of the potential for technology to improve and drive knowledge. At Vinge, Ann and Helena's joint effort resulted in several successful knowledge systems and business support tools being successfully implemented and valued by the firm.

With her legal background and experience, Ann has gained an extensive and unique set of skills, stretching from project management, IT business analysis to more strategic innovation and business change.

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