About us

VQ is founded by two of the most experienced knowledge management professionals in Scandinavia. We act as senior advisers supporting you to leverage your knowledge assets to grow revenue, improve efficiency, gain competitive advantages and drive business development.

We have a strong business focus and bring together our business skills with well versed IT skills. We believe that IT can be an enabler, providing your business with an excellent leverage and innovation driver, if implemented in the right way. With our long experience in developing and implementing working practice, information technology and knowledge management initiatives within the legal sector, we have the ability to make this happen.

Our approach in all projects is to focus on clearly identified operational and strategic goals, with user and business orientation and attention to detail.

We will engage and collaborate with our clients about what to deliver. We focus on delivering results.

Our aim is to price our services on a fixed fee basis. The risk of inefficiency should always belong to us.

We focus on

We work with

  • Law firms
  • Legal departments
  • In-house counsel
  • Professional services firms

The Definition of VQ

IQ is short for "Intelligence Quotient",

EQ is short for "Emotional Quotient", which describes the ability, to identify, assess, and manage the emotions of one's self, of others. This is also referred to as social competence and Emotional Intelligence. Similarly,

VQ is short for "Virtual Quotient" where the virtual help - the IT support - can leverage the knowledge into Virtual Intelligence, closely related to Artificial Intelligence.